Alexandra Beller has been making work for both dance and theatre for 15 years. Her work for her own company is a democratic use of movement and words, a series of artistic collisions where bodies, words, objects and sound function as characters in a human narrative. Her interest in meaning, relationship, and storytelling naturally led to theatre. Working in tandem with directors, she uses movement as a catalyst for greater depth of character, creating evocative imagery and magical realism at the service of meaning. When collaborating with theatre productions, her work spans many genres, adapting to fit the period, aesthetics, tone, and agenda of the play. Her experience with Modern/Contemporary, West African and Baroque Dance, as well as her experience with partnering, Contact Improvisation, Viewpoints, Practical Aesthetics, Grotowski, and Laban Movement Analysis offer a unique ability to both coach character for physical expression as well as create vigorous, evocative and rousing dances within the narrative arc of a play.